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Pilates Edmonds Studio

At Pilates Edmonds we offer both STOTT Pilates and Classical Pilates Instruction. Our 1500 sq foot studio is divided into 2 separate studios. Your private session gives you the ability to focus on yourself for 55 precious and hardworking minutes with your instructor’s full attention on you. Our Studio equipment is the top of line STOTT and includes their newest V2 Max tower that allows us to modify and fit the equipment to each person’s size and strength so each exercise is producing maximum results and less stress on the joints.

There is no set protocol of required exercises. Each client is different and their exercise routine is uniquely designed for them and takes into account: body type, lifestyle, goals and life’s circumstances of health and past injuries. Most clients feel almost immediate lower back benefits from even one session. Our job as instructors is not just to “work you out” but teach you about your body and how to retrain and identify faulty movement patterns. Pilates is not just an exercise program but a new way of thinking about how you move in all areas of your life.

A typical session may include mat work, reformer work, barrels and resistance training on the tower. Often we use additional modalities such as MELT or Yamana to open restricted movement patterns.   In private instruction we work at your pace. The training is adjusted at each session to accommodate the best choice for the body on that day with the long term goals always in mind.

We regularly work with clients who are in physical therapy or who have “graduated” from physical therapy and have a desire to continue in their physical training to remain strong in the injured area. Our goal is to always BALANCE the body in muscle development and in skeletal alignment.

A Word About Male Clients

We have made a special effort and placed emphasis on working with the male clients who are often intimidated by the larger studios and the all female clientele. It is our goal to make you feel comfortable and safe when learning a new program, keeping the number of instructors and clients sharing the room to a minimum.  You are invited to take yourself out of everyday chaos and commit yourself to a better aligned, flexible, stronger body.

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